Deflecting Retaliation in the Workplace

retaliation claims

Even to this day when there is an extensive collection of laws that are drafted and implemented by the federal and state governments, it is undeniable that many acts of discrimination still persist. Why is this so? The thing is laws couldn’t really be much of help if they are not implemented efficiently. Implementation plays a key role in ensuring that a piece of legislation is effective or not. Moreover, it is also important that these legal avenues are very much accessible to more people. This would make it easier for them to come forward and report the abuses they have been experiencing.

Retaliation in the workplace 

Thing is beyond that, there are also people who are not able to file and even come up with a complaint because of their fear from being retaliated. Retaliation happens when one person is fired, demotes, and harassed as a form of intimidation by one person responsible for the discriminating act. Some victims are courageous enough to go and file Retaliation claims for employment against the ones retaliating against them. However, there are some that aren’t brave enough to go against influential and powerful people in the workplace.

Laws against retaliation 

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 not only prohibits any act of discrimination against anybody in the workplace, it also prohibits any form retaliation against a victim who files a                                                                                                                                                                                                 discrimination charge against an individual. This law has been implemented since July 2, 1964 and has paved the way for penalizing a lot of companies and officials that have fired, demoted, or harassed an employee because of his or her workplace discrimination complaint.

Steps in filing California Retaliation Claims 

  • Get all the information needed. In filing a claim, even the smallest detail about your claim can affect the outcome of the case. So make sure you supply all the information needed to help expedite the agency’s assessment of your claim.
  • Undergo Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) online assessment. This tool asks you questions that will help you verify if the Retaliation claims you are filing has the best chances of winning and helps you improve your claims’ weak points.
  • Send a complete intake questionnaire that is completely filled out to the EEOC office. A completed form with all the information can help speed up the process of actually filing a claim which also boosts your chance to win your claim. 

Nobody wants to be discriminated. Moreover, nobody wants to be abused and retaliated against for standing up and fighting for your rights. However, only you alone can make these acts of abuses stop. You have a choice and you can make these things end now. If you have been a victim of any of those, have the courage to stand up against discrimination and retaliation. File the necessary Claims for Retaliation now, fight for your rights and never lose hope. In the end, you will be surprised to be able to win your claims and see all of your efforts pay off.


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